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Valued Clientele

From Concept to Reality

I’ve been expanding my art portfolio, working with a variety of clients and companies. Below, you will find some of the clients I’ve collaborated with.

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A Cappella Group

VoicePlay is an award winning, world renown a cappella quintet and theatre show.

Original. Imaginative. Ridiculous. A Cappella.

Formed in Orlando, Florida, the five singers of VoicePlay create amazing harmony and inventive re-imaginings of popular music with nothing but their voices. The guys have appeared on multiple national tours, nationally syndicated television and radio, and continue to amaze audiences around the globe with their powerful music-without-music sound.

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PattyCake Productions

Production Company

PattyCake Productions creates cinematic videos, original music, and memorable moments. Each piece of content features custom musical arrangements, in house made costumes, and so much more as you will see in "Unexpected Musicals", "The Villains Lair", "Disney Girls Like You" and more!

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Collide Vocals

A Cappella Group

Collide is a dynamic, new presence in the A Cappella scene. Formed by five Colorado natives in 2017, the members of Collide feature tight harmonies, one-of-a-kind pop covers, and a youthful energy.

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Trip7e Gaming & Studios

eSports Organization

Strive for Perfection.

Trip7e eSports provides content from all kinds of players and streamers to promote gaming on a variety of platforms.

"T7 creates a home and community for each type of person, no matter what your interests and hobbies are. We push to be the best versions of ourselves, allowing us to work together and grow as a family that is Trip7e Family."

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