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Prices & Rates

Here, you will find my prices! For more information and direct quotes, please contact me!

I am open to tons of ideas and projects and styles, so feel free to discuss your vision with me, I'd be happy to work with you!

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Basic Terms of Service.

My usual turn around can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on complexity!

• disclaimer: i will not make or accept NFTS. NFTs and crypto are not accepted as payment, and my art cannot be used for such as well. my art cannot, under any circumstances, be used for any kind of AI art.

• i accept paypal, venmo, cashapp, and zelle as payment methods. at least 50% of the quote must be paid upfront after sketches. payment plans can also be discussed.

• refunds are not allowed. please understand artwork takes time and effort, and i will communicate through the whole process. changes can be made after the final illustration, but depending how big or small, fees may be applied.

• i will pretty much draw anything for you, but i am a human so i do have morals and boundaries. (things i can draw for you includes nsfw/kinky (for 18+ clients only), furry, original characters (including self ships), real people )

• you may not use my artwork for own profit or bulk merchandise unless it was stated beforehand. personal merchandise for yourself and friends/family is fine.

• although i primarily do illustration, i do have experience in tattoo designing, graphic design, and photo editing. ask about that!

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Basic Illustrations Rates

These are only base rates; prices may fluctuate depending on complexity and time taken.

  • Colored Sketch: $25+

  • Flat Colors: $50+ (colors only, no background)

  • Shaded: $75+ (shaded, simple background)

  • Full Illustration: $100+ (detailed shading and background)

extra character/subject is half the base price/quote

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Special Illustration Rates

Prices for anything outside my usual style. These are only base prices, and they may fluctuate depending on complexity and time taken!

  • Portraits: $100+ (realistic style, optional background)

  • PKMN Trainer: $100+ (6 max Pokemon per trainer)

  • Icon: $35 (colors only, optional background)

  • Chibi: $35 (colors only, optional background)

extra character/subject is half the base price/quote

Rates: Featured Work
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